Pandemis cerasana · serbentinis pandemis Pandemis cerasana · serbentinis pandemisThumbnailsPandemis cerasana · serbentinis pandemisThumbnails

Pandemis cerasana · serbentinis pandemis

EN · barred fruit-tree tortrix DE · Johannisbeer-Breitwickler PL · zwójka porzeczkóweczka Some caterpillars hatch from the eggs after a few weeks and feed for a brief time before overwintering. Other eggs overwinter and the caterpillars do not hatch until the following spring. The larvae are polyphagous and feed on various deciduous trees and shrubs (Abies, Alnus, Acer, Betula, Crataegus, Fraxinus, Quercus) including fruit-trees (especially apple and pear, hazelnut (Corylus), currant (Ribes), blackberry and raspberry (Rubus) and cherry and plum (Prunus). 4649

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