Plagiothecium  curvifolium · kreivalapė  pažulnutė ^Thumbnails^Thumbnails^Thumbnails

Plagiothecium curvifolium · kreivalapė pažulnutė

  • Curved Silk-Moss
  • Krummblättriges Plattmoos
  • kreivalapė pažulnutė
  • līklapu šķībvācelīte
  • dwustronek zgiętolistny

The glossy shoots grow up to 2 cm long, arranged in one plane, and sometimes form extensive patches on acidic substrates. The leaves are about 2.5 mm long, markedly asymmetrical, smaller than in some related species, and are usually turned downwards. Capsules (2 mm long) are very frequently produced, and are smooth when mature and dry; they are inclined and curved. P. curvifolium grows on soil, litter, logs, tree bases and rocks, mainly in woodland. It occurs on low-lying ground, and is often found on leaf litter or tree stumps under conifers in plantations.

Division: Bryophyta · Samanūnai Class: Bryopsida · Lapsamanės Subclass: Bryidae · Žaliosios samanos Order: Hypnales Family: Plagiotheciaceae · Pažulnutiniai

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