Saduria entomon · jūros tarakonas Saduria entomon · jūros tarakonasThumbnailsSaduria entomon · jūros tarakonasThumbnailsSaduria entomon · jūros tarakonasThumbnails

Saduria entomon · jūros tarakonas

DE · Klappenassel LT · blyškusis jūrvėžis, jūros tarakonas LV · grēvis PL · podwój wielki, wesz morska It is distributed along the coasts of the Arctic Ocean and of the northern Pacific Ocean. It is also found in the brackish Baltic Sea, where it is considered a glacial relict. Moreover, it is present in a number of North European lakes, including Ladoga, Vänern and Vättern. Saduria entomon is a predator that feeds on other benthic animals. It is also a scavenger and a cannibal. It is the largest crustacea in the Baltic Sea, and can reach a length of 9 cm. 2761

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