Polytrichum piliferum · žilsvasis gegužlinis «Polytrichum piliferum · žilsvasis gegužlinis^Thumbnails«Polytrichum piliferum · žilsvasis gegužlinis^Thumbnails«Polytrichum piliferum · žilsvasis gegužlinis^Thumbnails

Polytrichum piliferum · žilsvasis gegužlinis

EN · bristly haircap
DE · Glashaar-Haarmützenmoos, Glashaar-Widertonmoos
LT · žilsvasis gegužlinis
LV · matainais dzegužlins
PL · płonnik włosisty

The bristly haircap, is an evergreen perennial species of moss in the family Polytrichaceae. The bristly haircap moss is small-sized to medium-sized and forms loose tufts with wine-reddish stems. It is an acrocarpous moss that appears bluish-green to grey. This moss grows in clumps on erect shoots and becomes a red-brown colour as it grows older. The most distinguishing feature of P. piliferum is the long, white awn at the tips of the leaves, which also give this moss its grey colour. It is the only species in its genus where the awn is completely hyaline

Lapų gysla plati, išsikišusi iš lapo viršūnės ilgo, žilo, šerelio pavidalu, ypač viršutiniuose lapuose.
Auga kopose, smėlėtuose išretintuose miškuose, dykvietėse.

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