Hygrocybe acutoconica · oranžinė guotenė «Hygrophorus cossus · kislioji guotė^Thumbnails«Hygrophorus cossus · kislioji guotė^Thumbnails«Hygrophorus cossus · kislioji guotė^Thumbnails

Hygrocybe acutoconica · oranžinė guotenė

Hygrocybe persistens EN · persistent waxcap DE · Safrangelber Saftling, Spitzgebuckelter Saftling LT · oranžinė guotenė, Konrado guotenė LV · oranždzeltenā stiklene, oranžā stiklene PL · wilgotnica ostrostożkowata, wilgotnica pomarańczowożółta, wilgotnica trwała

https://www.first-nature.com/fungi/hygrocybe-acutoconica.php Hygrocybe acutoconica is a medium-sized waxy cap characterized by its pointed or conical cap, its yellow to orange colors, and the fact that it does not blacken with age or when bruised. As the name implies, the fruitbodies are relatively long lasting and remain conical. Waxcaps have long been considered to be saprobic on the dead roots of grasses and other grassland plants, but it is now considered likely that there is some kind of mutual relationship between waxcaps and mosses. 4109

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