Lactarius rufus · rudasis piengrybis ^Thumbnails»Lactarius rufus · rudasis piengrybis^Thumbnails»Lactarius rufus · rudasis piengrybis^Thumbnails»Lactarius rufus · rudasis piengrybis

Lactarius rufus · rudasis piengrybis

EN · rufous milkcap, red hot milk cap DE · Rotbraune Milchling LT · rudasis piengrybis LV · parastā alksnene PL · mleczaj rudy It is frequent in the northern temperate zones in Europe and North America. It is most commonly found with pine trees, but can also appear with birch, conifer, or spruce.

Although it has been harvested commercially in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe for many years where is often preserved by salting, most western field guides and other sources of culinary guidance - class this as an inedible mushroom.

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