Ceraleptus lividus · kampuotblakė ^Thumbnails»Ceraleptus lividus · kampuotblakė^Thumbnails»Ceraleptus lividus · kampuotblakė^Thumbnails»Ceraleptus lividus · kampuotblakė

Ceraleptus lividus · kampuotblakė

  • slender-horned leatherbug
  • Heller Girn
  • Glat randtæge
  • Oogstreeprandwants
  • wtyk kudłorożek

britishbugs.org.uk/heteroptera/Coreidae/ceraleptus_lividus.html The dark eyestripe and pale edges to the base of the corium are useful and consistent identification features. Following adult emergence and mating in the spring, larvae can be found June-August feeding on various herbaceous legumes such as clovers, vetches and trefoils in dry open habitats such as grasslands, sand dunes and gravel pits.

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