Xylota sylvarum · žiedmusė ^Thumbnails»Xylota sylvarum · žiedmusė^Thumbnails»Xylota sylvarum · žiedmusė^Thumbnails»Xylota sylvarum · žiedmusė

Xylota sylvarum · žiedmusė

EN · golden-tailed leafwalker, golden-tailed hoverfly, golden-tailed leaf licker
DE · Goldhaar-Langbauchschwebfliege
PL · imik leśny

Old woodland species running on the foliage of bushes and shrubs and on tree stumps. The larvae feed in damp, fungus-ridden decaying wood of variety of broadleaved and coniferous tree trunks and stumps, usually beneath the bark and also rot holes. The major habitat may be decaying tree roots.

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