Zophomyia temula · dygliamusė ^Thumbnails»Zophomyia temula · dygliamusė^Thumbnails»Zophomyia temula · dygliamusė^Thumbnails»Zophomyia temula · dygliamusė

Zophomyia temula · dygliamusė

DE · Langborstige Raupenfliege
PL · posępnica stonkówka

These flies preferably inhabit meadows, woodland, hedge rows and moist environments and they can usually be found in the grass and on low-hanging leaves. Adults can be found from April to August, feeding on nectar and pollen of flowers, especially of Heracleum sphondylium. Larvae are endoparasitoids. The specific hosts are unknown.

det. Erikas Lutovinovas

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  • Erikas - 2021-12-25 22:38:34
    Zophomyia temula