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Oncopsis alni nymph · cikadėlė, nimfa

on Alnus glutinosa leaf · ant juodalksnio lapo

  • Erlenmaskenzikade
  • orebladsikade

britishbugs.org.uk/homoptera/Cicadellidae/Oncopsis_alni.html Oncopsis species are sexually dimorphic and also rather variable; identification can be complex. The genus is distinguished from Macropsis by the striations on the pronotum, which are parallel to the hind margin. O. alni is fairly distinctive and is the only member of the genus found on alder. Both sexes (but particularly females) are predominantly brown in colour and although males can show extensive dark markings on the upper part of the face, the discoidal spots below these are small in both sexes. Females may show two yellowish patches on the face.

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