Orthezia urticae · skydamaris «Orthezia urticae · skydamaris^Thumbnails»Orthezia urticae · skydamaris«Orthezia urticae · skydamaris^Thumbnails»Orthezia urticae · skydamaris

Orthezia urticae · skydamaris

  • Ensign Coccid, Nettle Ensign Scale, Ensign Orthezia
  • Nessel-Röhrenschildlaus
  • zabielica pokrzywowa

From above, the back of females is oval and covered with six white wax plates. The wax coating is rounded. The insects have 7-8 pairs of abdominal spiracles. Found on stems and leaves, they feed on the juices of various herbaceous plants, such as nettle, wormwood, bergenia, spirea and many others.

Adult female with ovisac, protective wax coating. Vilnius, Burbiškių g. 2767

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