Wild Bees – Children of the Sun 1/2

Most people associate honey producing insects with the name “BEE”.

nautilusfilm GmbH, Duration 50 minutes, Format HD 1080, 25p, 16:9, Partner BR, ARTE, WDR, ORF, Year 2017.

Few realize that there are over 560 different species of bees – most of them live their lives „busy as a bee“ but some „abuse“ other insects and others are even known to be murderers.

The film “Children of the sun – Wild Bees” shows the incredible diversity and the stunning adaptations of our “BEES” to various habitats and diverse living conditions. Fascinating fights, sensational performances, imposing structures and colorful individuals – the world of Wild Bees offers all of this and more.

Nuostabus filmas, yra ir apie gegužvabalius (Meloe) parazituojančius bites.

Jan Haft filmas

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