Ceroxys urticae · juostasparnė musė «Seioptera vibrans · juostasparnė musė^Thumbnails«Seioptera vibrans · juostasparnė musė^Thumbnails

Ceroxys urticae · juostasparnė musė

EN · band-winged wingwaver

A fairly easily-recognised, largish ulidiid (body length 6-8 mm). The body is shining black but with light grey dusting on the thorax. The frons and face are reddish. The wings have three separate bands, a darkened tip and a yellowish base. The legs are mostly dark.

C. urticae is a species of marshland and fens with lush vegetation and organically-rich mud. The larvae have been found in manure and decaying vegetation. Adults have been recorded from May to September and are readily swept from marsh vegetation.

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