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Seioptera vibrans · juostasparnė musė

EN · Dark-tipped Wingwaver
DE · Rotstirnige Schmuckfliege
PL · trzepadlica czarna
A shiny-black, medium-sized ulidiid (body length 4-6 mm) with a conspicuous apical wing spot and a darkened stigma. The frons, face and antennae are reddish but a silver stripe runs down each inner eye margins.

It can occur in a wide variety of habitats but usually where some trees and shrubs are present. The larvae have been reared from manure, decaying fruit, vegetables, daffodil bulbs, onions and dung. Adults are recorded from May to August. They characteristically walk about large sunlit leaves in very sheltered spots waving outstretched wings. They will also land on humans, apparently drinking sweat.

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