Iris pseudacorus ⚜ · geltonasis vilkdalgis

EN · yellow flag, yellow iris, water flag DE · Sumpf-Schwertlilie, Gelbe Schwertlilie, Wasser-Schwertlilie LT · geltonasis vilkdalgis LV · purva skalbe PL · kosaciec żółty

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iris_pseudacorus It grows best in very wet conditions, and is common in wetlands, where it tolerates submersion, low pH, and anoxic soils. The plant spreads quickly, by both rhizome and water-dispersed seed. It fills a similar niche to that of Typha and often grows with it, though usually in shallower water. While it is primarily an aquatic or marginal plant, the rhizomes can survive prolonged dry conditions.

Galimas dalykas, kad ⚜ Fleur-de-lis kilo iš geltonojo vilkdalgio žiedo.