Saxifragaceae · uolaskėliniai

  • saxifrage family
  • Steinbrechgewächse
  • uolaskėliniai
  • akmeņlauzīšu dzimta
  • skalnicowate

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saxifragaceae The family is predominantly distributed in the northern hemisphere, but also in the Andes in South America. Species are herbaceous perennials (rarely annual or biennial), sometimes succulent or xerophytic, often with perennating rhizomes. The leaves are usually basally aggregated in alternate rosettes, sometimes on inflorescence stems. They are usually simple, rarely pinnately or palmately compound. Their margins may be entire, deeply lobed, cleft, crenate or dentate and petiolate with stipules. The inflorescences are bracteate racemes or cymes. The flowers are hermaphroditic (bisexual), rarely unisexual.