Araceae · aroniniai

  • arum family, aroids
  • Aronstabgewächse
  • aroniniai
  • ārumu dzimta
  • obrazkowate The Araceae are a family of monocotyledonous flowering plants in which flowers are borne on a type of inflorescence called a spadix. The spadix is usually accompanied by, and sometimes partially enclosed in, a spathe (or leaf-like bract). Many species display very decorative leaves and flowers, and they are widely used for gardening. Species within Araceae are often rhizomatous or tuberous, and the leaves nearly always contain calcium oxalate crystals or raphides, in varying degrees.

Food plants in the family Araceae include Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (elephant foot yam), Colocasia esculenta (kochu, taro, dasheen), Xanthosoma (cocoyam, tannia), Typhonium trilobatum, Monstera deliciosa (Mexican breadfruit).