Plumbaginaceae · pliumbaginiai

  • leadwort family, plumbago family
  • Bleiwurzgewächse
  • ołownicowate

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plumbaginaceae Plumbaginaceae is a family of flowering plants, with a cosmopolitan distribution. The family is sometimes referred to as the leadwort family or the plumbago family.

Most species in this family are perennial herbaceous plants, but a few grow as lianas or shrubs. The plants have perfect flowers and are pollinated by insects. They are found in many different climatic regions, from arctic to tropical conditions, but are particularly associated with salt-rich steppes, marshes, and sea coasts.

Lietuvoje savaime auga tik pajūrinė gvaizdė (Armeria maritima), dar kelios rūšys auginamos kaip dekoratyviniai augalai.