Clausiliidae · skląsteniniai

EN · door snails DE · Schließmundschnecken LT · skląsteniniai LV · vārpstiņgliemežu dzimta PL · świdrzykowate, świdrzyki


Clausiliidae, common name door snails, are a taxonomic family of small, very elongate, air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks. All the species of Clausiliidae have an anatomical structure known as a clausilium, which enables the snail to close off the aperture of the shell with a sliding "door". Almost all the species of snails in the family of door snails are left-handed, which is an uncommon feature in gastropod shells in general. These snails have shells which are extremely high-spired, with numerous whorls. The shells tend to be club-shaped, tapering at both ends to a rounded nub. The aperture usually has visible folds.

Class: Gastropoda Clade: Heterobranchia Clade: Euthyneura Clade: Panpulmonata Clade: Eupulmonata Clade: Stylommatophora Informal group: Sigmurethra Superfamily: Clausilioidea