Handkea excipuliformis · ilgasis kukurdvelkis

Lycoperdon excipuliforme, Calvatia excipuliformis, Calvatia saccata, Lycoperdon saccatum EN · pestle puffball, long-stemmed puffball DE · Beutel-Stäubling, Groß-Stäubling LT · ilgasis kukurdvelkis LV · kātainais pūpēdis PL · purchawka fiolowata, czasznica workowata

Widespread in northern temperate zones, it is found frequently on pastures and sandy heaths. Young puffballs are typically 6 to 12 cm across, white, or pale grey-brown; in maturity it may attain dimensions of 15 cm broad by 25 cm tall.

Edible only when young and white throughout. The taste and odour are not distinctive. It tastes very similar to the giant puffball, but the flesh is not quite as firm and the outer skin should be removed.