Chalciporus piperatus · kartusis pipirbaravykis

EN · peppery bolete DE · Pfeffer-Röhrling, Pfeffrige Zwergröhrling LT · kartusis pipirbaravykis, kartusis kazlėkas LV · piparu rubīnbeka, piparu sviestbeka, piparu beka PL · maślaczek pieprzowy

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalciporus_piperatus It is a small, pored mushroom of the family Boletaceae found in mixed woodland in Europe and North America. It has been recorded under introduced trees in Brazil, and has become naturalised in Tasmania.

This mushroom contains toxins, and is usually considered inedible. It has been used as a condiment in many countries to add its peppery flavour to other mushrooms. Some recommend that it be well-cooked before consumption to minimize the risk of gastric symptoms, but the peppery taste is lost with cooking, and even more so by reducing it to a powdered form.

Fruit bodies can be used for mushroom dyeing; depending on the mordant used, yellow, orange, or greenish-brown dyes can be made.