Sarcodon imbricatus · čerpėtasis žvynadyglis

EN · shingled hedgehog, scaly hedgehog DE · Habichtspilz, Habichts-Stacheling, Rehpilz LT · čerpėtasis žvynadyglis LV · parastā vēršmēlene, medene PL · sarniak dachówkowaty

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcodon_imbricatus The mushroom has a large, brownish cap with large brown scales and may reach 30 cm in diameter. On the underside it sports greyish, brittle teeth instead of gills, and has white flesh. Its spore print is brown. It is associated with spruce (Picea), appearing in autumn. It ranges throughout Europe and North America.

The young mushrooms are edible. Distinctive spicy aroma of fried younger specimens has made it an expensive delicacy on Japanese food market.

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