Suillus luteus · tikrasis kazlėkas

EN · slippery jack, sticky bun DE · Butterpilz, Butter-Röhrling LT · tikrasis kazlėkas LV · parastā sviestbeka jeb sviesta beka PL · maślak zwyczajny

A common fungus native all across Eurasia, it has been introduced widely elsewhere, including North and South America, southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. When wet the caps of this species are slimy; in hot sunny weather they dry to a smooth semi-matt finish. Usually dark chestnut brown, but occasionally quite a lot lighter, the caps grow to between 5 and 10cm in diameter. The fungus grows in coniferous forests in its native range, and pine plantations in countries where it has become naturalized.

Suillus luteus is an edible mushroom, but the slime/pileipellis must be removed. Although some regard it as one of low quality the species is considered a delicacy in some countries.