Sedum acre · aitrusis šilokas

EN · goldmoss stonecrop, mossy stonecrop, goldmoss sedum, biting stonecrop, wallpepper DE · Scharfe Mauerpfeffer, Scharfe Fetthenne LT · aitrusis šilokas LV · kodīgais laimiņš PL · rozchodnik ostry

It is native to Europe, but also naturalised in North America, Japan, and New Zealand. Biting stonecrop is a tufted evergreen perennial that forms mat-like stands some 5 to 12 cm tall. It is is a low-growing plant specially adapted for thin dry soils and can be found on shingle, beaches, drystone walls, dry banks, seashore rocks, roadside verges, wasteland and in sandy meadows.