Filipendula ulmaria · pelkinė vingiorykštė

EN · meadowsweet, mead wort DE · Echtes Mädesüß LT · pelkinė vingiorykštė LV · parastā vīgrieze PL · wiązówka błotna

The whole herb possesses a pleasant taste and flavour, the green parts having a similar aromatic character to the flowers, hence the use of the plant as a strewing herb, strewn on floors to give the rooms a pleasant aroma, and its use to flavour wine, beer, and many kinds of vinegar. The flowers can be added to stewed fruit and jams, giving them a subtle almond flavour. Some foragers also use the flowers to flavour desserts such as panna cotta. A natural black dye can be obtained from the roots by using a copper mordant.

Meadowsweet grows on damp meadows, ditches, shore-side meadows, hedgerows and alder groves, waterside meadows that are prone to flooding, damp broad-leaved forests, rich mixed swamps, fens, springs.