Cirsium vulgare · dygioji usnis

EN · spear thistle, bull thistle, common thistle DE · Gewöhnliche Kratzdistel LT · dygioji usnis LV · asais dadzis PL · ostrożeń lancetowaty

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirsium_vulgare It is the national flower of Scotland. The plant provides a great deal of nectar for pollinators.

It is a tall biennial or short-lived monocarpic thistle, forming a rosette of leaves and a taproot up to 70 cm long in the first year, and a flowering stem 1–1.5 m tall in the second (rarely third or fourth) year. It can grow up to 1.8 m tall. It sometimes will function as an annual, flowering in the first year. Spear thistle is often a ruderal species, colonising bare disturbed ground, but also persists well on heavily grazed land as it is unpalatable to most grazing animals. Nitrogen-rich soils help increase its proliferation.