Sambucus racemosa · raudonuogis šeivamedis

EN · red elderberry, red-berried elder DE · Roter Holunder LT · raudonuogis šeivamedis LV · sarkanais plūškoks PL · bez koralowy

It is native to Europe, northern temperate Asia, and North America across Canada and the United States. It grows in riparian environments, woodlands, and other habitats, generally in moist areas. Sambucus racemosa is often a treelike shrub growing 2–6 m tall. The stems are soft with a pithy center.

The flower buds are pink when closed, and the open flowers are white, cream, or yellowish. Each flower has small, recurved petals and a star-shaped axis of five white stamens tipped in yellow anthers. The flowers are fragrant and visited by butterflies. The fruit is a bright red or sometimes purple drupe containing 3 to 5 seeds. The stems, roots and foliage are poisonous, and the berries can be toxic or cause nausea if eaten raw but are reportedly safe to eat when cooked.