Adoxa moschatellina · muskusinis ūksminas

EN · moschatel, five-faced bishop, hollowroot, muskroot, townhall clock, tuberous crowfoot DE · Moschuskraut LT · muskusinis ūksminas LV · muskusa bezslavīte PL · piżmaczek wiosenny

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adoxa_moschatellina This herbaceous perennial grows in relatively sunny places in old woodland, such as the edges of streams, and in shady places in open habitats such as rock crevices in limestone pavements. It has a limited ability to spread by seed but expands vegetatively via its long stolons. It is a widespread but generally uncommon plant which is not considered to be threatened within its natural range. The rather plain flowers are said to smell faintly of musk. They are pollinated by flies and nocturnal moths which do not rely on colour to pollinate plants.