Antennaria dioica · dvinamė katpėdė

EN · mountain everlasting, stoloniferous pussytoes, catsfoot, cudweed DE · Gewöhnliche Katzenpfötchen, Gewöhnlich-Katzenpfötchen, Zweihäusiges Katzenpfötchen LT · dvinamė katpėdė LV · divmāju kaķpēdiņa PL · ukwap dwupienny

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antennaria_dioica Antennaria dioica is found in northern and mountainous regions of Europe, northern Asia and Alaska. It is dioecious, but can also reproduce without fertilisation. It is found in groups which can be all-female colonies, all-male colonies, and also mixed colonies. The male plants have whiter flower heads than female plants.