Solidago canadensis · kanadinė rykštenė

EN · Canada Goldenrod DE · Kanadische Goldrute LV · Kanādas zeltgalvīte PL · nawłoć kanadyjska https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solidago_canadensis Native to northeastern and north-central North America, invasive in several areas worldwide. Solidago altissima (aukštoji rykštenė) is part of the Solidago canadensis species complex. Similar invasive Solidago species in Lithuania: Solidago canadensis · kanadinė rykštenė (Canada Goldenrod)
  • flowers: inflorescence pyramidal in shape, all on one side of flower stems
  • leaves: one midvein, two side veins diverge from midvein near the leaf base and run to end of leaf; sharply toothed; lowest gone by flowering time; biggest just below the flower inflorescence, high up on stem, lots of leaves, feel a bit rough
  • stem: pubescent, but not all the way to the base
Solidago altissima · aukštoji rykštenė (Tall Goldenrod)
  • flowers: long flowering season (Jul-Nov); flower heads obviously larger than the other two species in this group
  • leaves: triple-veined
  • stem: pubescent all the way to the base
Solidago gigantea · vėlyvoji rykštenė (Late Goldenrod)
  • flowers: earlier than the other two species of this group (in spite of its name); inflorescence more open than the other two species of this group
  • leaves: "thinly" leathery, larger
  • stem: very smooth and glaucous the entire length; within inflorescence sometimes not smooth