Solidago canadensis · kanadinė rykštenė

EN · Canada Goldenrod DE · Kanadische Goldrute LV · Kanādas zeltgalvīte PL · nawłoć kanadyjska RU · золота́рник кана́дский Native to northeastern and north-central North America, invasive in several areas worldwide. Solidago altissima (aukštoji rykštenė) is part of the Solidago canadensis species complex. S. altissima has sometimes been classified as part of S. canadensis. Similar invasive Solidago species in Lithuania: Solidago canadensis · kanadinė rykštenė (Canada Goldenrod)
  • flowers: inflorescence pyramidal in shape, all on one side of flower stems
  • leaves: one midvein, two side veins diverge from midvein near the leaf base and run to end of leaf; sharply toothed; lowest gone by flowering time; biggest just below the flower inflorescence, high up on stem, lots of leaves, feel a bit rough
  • stem: pubescent, but not all the way to the base
Solidago altissima · aukštoji rykštenė (Tall Goldenrod)
  • flowers: long flowering season (Jul-Nov); flower heads obviously larger than the other two species in this group
  • leaves: triple-veined
  • stem: pubescent all the way to the base
Solidago gigantea · vėlyvoji rykštenė (Late Goldenrod)
  • flowers: earlier than the other two species of this group (in spite of its name); inflorescence more open than the other two species of this group
  • leaves: "thinly" leathery, larger
  • stem: very smooth and glaucous the entire length; within inflorescence sometimes not smooth