Cydia nigricana · žirninis vaisėdis

EN · pea moth DE · Erbsenwickler LV · tumšais zirņu tinējs PL · pachówka strąkóweczka

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cydia_nigricana The adult moths emerge from cocoons buried in the soil just below the surface, from early June onwards. Host plants include peas, vetch, clover, and lentils. The larvae feed in the pods of garden peas. They feed inside pea pods but the damage to the peas can sometimes only be found when the pods are harvested. 1 or 2 of the caterpillars may be found in a single pod and within each pod, only 1 or 2 individual peas may be partially eaten, and the attacked pods may develop a yellow appearance and can ripen early. The caterpillars grow by a series of moults and when mature, eat their way out of the pods, usually in August. The larvae migrate to the ground to overwinter in the soil, spinning a cocoon containing particles of soil and hibernating inside.