Vespula germanica · germaninė vapsva

EN · European wasp, German wasp, German yellowjacket DE · Deutsche Wespe LT · germaninė vapsva, vokiškoji vapsva LV · vācu lapsene PL · osa dachowa

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vespula_germanica It is a species of wasp found in much of the Northern Hemisphere, native to Europe, Northern Africa, and temperate Asia. It has spread and become well-established in many other places, including North America, South America (Argentina and Chile), Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

It is very similar to the common wasp (V. vulgaris), but unlike the common wasp, has three tiny black dots on the clypeus. To further complicate the issue this only applies to workers.

The nest is made from chewed plant fibres, mixed with saliva. The majority of nests are found in the soil below ground. A significant portion of nests are found in artificial structures such as attics, and a small portion are found above ground.

V. germanica wasps have a diverse diet. They are known to eat carrion, live arthropods (including spiders), fruit, honeydew, and processed human food and garbage. They are opportunistic scavengers and hunters able to obtain food from a variety of different sources.