Chrysopidae · auksaakės

EN · green lacewings, common lacewings DE · Florfliegen LV · zeltactiņu dzimta, zeltactiņas PL · złotookowate RU · златогла́зки Subclass: Pterygota Infraclass: Neoptera Superorder: Endopterygota or Neuropterida Order: Neuroptera Suborder: Hemerobiiformia Superfamily: Osmyloidea Green lacewings are characterized by a wide costal field in their wing venation, in which the cross-veins are. The bodies are usually bright green to greenish-brown, and the compound eyes are conspicuously golden in many species. The wings are usually translucent with a slight iridescence. Larvae have either a more slender "humpbacked" shape with a prominent bulge on the thorax, or are plumper, with long bristles jutting out from the sides. These will collect debris and food remains - the empty integuments of aphids, most notably - that provide camouflage from birds and protection from ants.