Smerinthus ocellatus · akiuotasis sfinksas

EN · eyed hawk-moth DE · Abendpfauenauge LT · akiuotasis sfinksas LV · acainais sfings PL · nastrosz półpawik, gryzuń półpawik

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smerinthus_ocellatus The eyespots are not visible in resting position, where the forewings cover them. They are displayed when the moth feels threatened, and may startle a potential predator, giving the moth a chance to escape. The larva (caterpillar) is pale bluish or yellowish green with small white-tipped tubercules and a grey-blue tail horn. The sides are striped white or yellow and the spiracles are white ringed with dark red. The larvae grow to about 80 mm. The larval food plants are various species of Salix, Populus and Malus. The pupa is glossy reddish brown, and is formed below the soil surface in late summer, where it overwinters. The adults emerge the following summer in May or June.