Plagiosterna aenea · žaliasis girinukas

  • Linaeidea aenea, Chrysomela aenea
  • Erzfarbene Erlenblattkäfer
  • žaliasis girinukas, žaliasis alksninukas
  • Kortsprietelzenhaantje, Bronzen bladkever, Glanzend elzenhaantje, Klein elzenhaantje
  • rynnica olszowa
  • Alglansbagge

naturespot.org.uk/species/plagiosterna-aeneaBody length 6.5 to 8 mm. Usually metallic or iridescent green, occasionally blue or brassy. The pronotum is not as wide as the elytra and the antennae are relatively short. Associated with Alder and usually found in Alder stands by watercourses and in damp woodlands.